christaiiin (christaiiin) wrote in ratingcommunity,

1.)Name, Age, Location:christain//chris, 16, CALI HOMIE G

2.)Boyfriend/Girlfriend (post pictures):single and frikking ready to migle like no other

3.)10 Bands:OMG OMG OMG yes! mkay. the click five, fall out boy, relient k, alkaline trio, the system of down, chemical romance, the academy is,papa roach, greenday, weezer, cold play, switchfoot, Atreyu, the offspring, the used, rise against, FREEZEPOP!! taking back sunday, something corporate

4.)3 Movies:ACK! the notebook def. ummm american pie and FORREST GUMP. yeah yuh.

5.)Your opinon on animal rights?I LOVE ANIMALS. i'm totally against animal testing. i hate it i hate it.

6.)How did you find us?um. I DUNNO!~ i was just kinda looking around. oh oh i remember you guys were like sisters with another community. yep

7.)Promote in a community, and a journal (leave the link, we DO check):

8.)Piercings? Tattoo's? (post pictures):my ears... but i don't take pictures of my ears. sry

Post 3 pictures and one body shot:


well i hope you liked!~

bye loves

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